Week 6

Week 6 is where the whole group collaborated on the final ideas and the actual logistical planning of the track.

The main track idea is that there are 3 colours of track that the robot can detect, with balloons along each path. The 3 colours show a different level of difficulty, with higher difficulties having a higher multiplier to the points scored from bursting balloons, (i.e. harder track = more points). If the user directs the robot off-track, there is a points penalty.  The main difference between the tracks is that the more difficult the track, the more complex and narrow the coloured strip becomes.

The layout would be based around a simple oval track, (the easiest track to follow), with harder tracks coming off the sides, (similar to how a real racetrack is laid out), making the user choose which track to take and making the game more varied.

We also decided upon the materials that would be required for producing such a track. This will be collected and built in the coming weeks.

Week 6

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